COVID19 will permanently change eCommerce in Malta

Tony Cassar
3 min readDec 22, 2020

The COVID19 pandemic is unlike anything that the world has seen. It has brought with it significant changes to our daily routines that have affected the way in which we carry on with our daily lives. One of the consequences of the pandemic is the restrictions that had to be put into place in order to attempt to minimize the number of people contracting the virus. Because a very large segment of the population chose to adhere to the medical advice given by authorities and reduce social interaction in order to keep themselves and their families safe, e-commerce has become the new norm in relation to the way in which they shop.

People who would not normally online switched to the internet to order online deliveries of anything from groceries, electronic equipment, plants, pet supplies to comfort food. The pandemic forced people to try and use online shopping much more than before. As people started to regularly order all their daily needs online, they were becoming more accustomed to this new form of day to day shopping. They started to realise the convenience of being able to order products online and have them delivered to the comfort of their homes with minimal effort. Online shopping replaced hours of routine shopping in supermarkets and shopping malls, as well as time, wasted commuting and trying to find parking. The public realised that this saved time could be better used to do more satisfying and relaxing activities. All this has rapidly changed the public’s behaviour towards online shopping and these new trends are likely to stick once the pandemic is over.

The pandemic has brought about new realities that no one was expecting. In the short term, this created many hardships as many sought to adapt to this new norm. Yet the current crisis also offers many possibilities to companies that recognize and harness the power and opportunities presented by online shopping.

Cyberspace was one of the very first web development companies offering eCommerce solutions to its clients. We have seen this market grow from a conceptual theoretical sales model to a fully-fledged highly competitive and dynamic market. We would like to propose 5 initiatives that will help your business transition into this new ebusiness reality.

  1. Put eCommerce to the top of your company’s agenda. Directors and managers must understand this new reality. The must fully endorse and support the online sales model being implemented.
  2. Make sure that your current business model is still relevant to the current and future business realities. You may need to rethink your business model and ensure that your business is able to effectively sell online.
  3. Channel your marketing spend to digital channels. The online shopping experience must be an innovative, interesting, easy and fulfilling experience to your clients. Online selling happens online and so should your marketing!
  4. Ensure that your company has the necessary resources and skills to be able to handle online selling. This may mean upgrading the skills of your existing employees as well as engaging new ones with new proficiencies and skills.
  5. Make sure that your eCommerce site has the necessary technological capacity to handle increasing customer traffic. Make sure that you are able to ensure personalised and timely automated customer interactions.

Cyberspace is set to help your business grow and strengthen its online selling presence, by helping you develop strong online selling strategies based around effective eCommerce platforms for the products and services you sell and successful online marketing strategies. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss ways how your company can implement an effective eCommerce project.



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